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About The Project


Documente.md, a leader in legal services for the reacquisition of Romanian citizenship, has partnered with Nikba Creative Studio to develop a unique visual identity. Their logo, depicting a powerful lion, symbolizes authority and strength, underscoring the company's leading position in the legal industry.



We had the privilege of collaborating with Documente.md, a trusted name in the legal services sector specializing in the reacquisition of Romanian citizenship. Our mission was to create a strong visual identity that resonates with their values and reputation as leaders in the field.

The centerpiece of this branding effort is the logo, depicting the lion - the king of the jungle - a symbol of strength and authority, reflecting the dominant position of Documente.md in the legal industry. The meticulous design combines modernity with tradition, succeeding in conveying professionalism and confidence.

We chose a color palette dominated by blue, not just for its calm and professional aesthetic, but also because blue is often associated with loyalty and trust. This is not just a stylistic choice, but also a visual promise of Documente.md's unwavering commitment to its clients.

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