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Glassmorphism Icons

Nicolai Bargan 2021-02-11 Reading time 5 min
Glassmorphism Icons

Glassmorphism is a design style that traces its origins back to Microsoft's Fluent Design System, introduced in 2017. This system featured Acrylic Material – a semi-transparent and blurred background effect.

Apple soon adopted a similar style with its macOS Big Sur update in 2020, incorporating comparable visual elements.

At Nikba Creative Studio, we decided to explore this style and have created a collection of icons in the Glassmorphism style.

This collection represents our attempt to integrate the elegance and modernity of this style, offering a fresh and appealing look to digital interfaces.

With this new series of icons, we aim to bring a new breath to graphic design and provide users with an enhanced visual experience.










Nicolai Bargan

Nicolai Bargan

As the CEO and Founder of Nikba Creative Studio, I have free rein to chart our company's course and implement creative ideas. I work side by side with my team to ensure that each project is as original and effective as possible.

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